is an Open Source project for creating visual timelines:

Cool, what's this?

Visual timelines show you the structure of a video at a glance, by visualizing its color development. Try hovering over/tapping on the image!

First, they're pretty!

And second, they are useful: When you integrate them into actual video players, you can use them for navigation! With a little practise, you can differentiate scenes, and skip to parts that interest you. In a talk recording, you can see when the slides change, or where the Q&A begins. We think this makes video navigation more efficient, precise, and active.

What's the plan?

As of 2018, Timelens is under active development. We are going to build:

We also plan to integrate Timelens into, the video archive of the Chaos Computer Club.

How can I keep in touch?

The simplest way is to subscribe to our newsletter! You'll be the first to receive news about the project, probably a few times a month:

Also, you can follow us on Twitter, if that's your thing: @timelens_io

Who's behind this?

The Timelens project (formerly known as nordlicht) was started by Sebastian Morr, a computer scientist, programmer, and designer from Germany. He's enthusiastic about free licenses, food, and minimalism, and he values autonomy, creativity, and curiosity. He has attended a scientific workshop on Origami in the Caribbean, backpacked through Japan, and is drawing algorithm assembly instructions.

When he stumbled over the moviebarcode Tumblr in 2011, he immediately wanted two things: An efficient tool for generating these "visual timelines" himself. And a really good integration into video players, so they could be used for navigation!

Now, supported by the Prototype Fund, he can make that vision a reality!


Can I see more examples?

Sure! Try clicking around in the visual timelines below the videos! Click the video itself to pause it: